About the Department

Department Duties

In Pocahontas County, the Auditor's office is responsible for:

  • Conducts voter registrations and elections
  • Keeps maps and records of property ownership
  • Calculates property taxes
  • Pay the county's bills
  • Process cigarette licenses & beer and liquor permits for unincorporated areas of the county
  • Clerk to the Board of Supervisors
  • Prepares and maintains county budgets
  • Handles county payroll and personnel matters
  • Reports on county finances to the Iowa Department of Revenue and the Department of Management
  • Compiles budget data from all jurisdictions that levy property taxes within the county
  • Oversees courthouse maintenance
  • Drainage Clerk
  • Custodian of all county records
  • Passport Acceptance Facility

The Auditor may accept petitions, register complaints, or act on routine business in the absence of the Board. The Auditor often prepares Board meeting agendas, notifies the media, attends all Board meetings, keeps and records Board meeting minutes, and publishes the proceedings in the official County newspapers. The Auditor initiates bid notices, solicits proposals for County contracts for materials and services, and receives contract proposals. Official papers dealing with Board of Supervisors’ business are referenced and maintained by the Auditor. County Ordinances are prepared, published, recorded, and maintained by the County Auditor.

Budget Central            

The Auditor’s Office is considered Budget Central for all government entities including Schools, Cities, Townships, Agricultural Extension, County Hospitals, Emergency Management Agency, E911 Service Board, and County Assessor file their completed budgets with the Auditor. These budgets, which include the tax asking for each entity, are reviewed by the County Auditor and then submitted to the State Department of Management. After the Board of Supervisors hold a public hearing on their budget, the Auditor also files the certified County Budget with the State Department of Management.

County Tax Accountant            

The Auditor tabulates the taxable valuations for each property owner in the county. After applying the proper exemptions, homestead and military credits, roll backs and other adjustments to the assessed valuations certified by the Assessor’s Office, the Auditor certifies the “taxable” valuation of the county to the State. This computation creates the tax rate from which each taxpayer’s statement is prepared. After the State returns the certified tax rates for the above-mentioned taxing entities in the County, the Auditor becomes the County Tax Accountant and applies these tax rates to the taxable valuation of each property and then prepares a tax list showing each taxpayer’s share of the total governmental tax asking. These figures are then certified to the County Treasurer’s Office for collection.

County Financial Officer            

As the county’s Financial Officer, the Auditor completes a “State of the County” Financial Report at the end of each fiscal year, which is a Revenue vs. Expenditure report showing available cash reserves. Based on this report and budgets for the current year, the Auditor disburses all county funds. Claims for payment for all services and materials rendered and charged to the various county departments are submitted to this office for payment. The Auditor is responsible for “auditing” all claims and keeping a complete record of each transaction. It is the Auditor’s responsibility to make sure that the departments do not exceed the budget appropriation approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Passport Applications are By Appointment Only, Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:00pm. Contact the Auditor’s Office to schedule an appointment.

Getting a Passport

Passport Fees

Current Routine Processing of Passport Applications are 8-11 Weeks from the Day an Application is Received.

Current Expedited Processing (for an additional $60) of Passport Applications are 5-7 Weeks from the Day an Application is Received.

For more information, please visit travel.state.gov.

Commissioner of Elections         

As Commissioner, the Auditor's office prepares and supervises the printing of ballots and/or programming of voting machines as well as orders all election supplies. The Commissioner conducts schools of instructions, according to law, for all precinct election officials and is responsible for their employment on Election Day. The Commissioner also prepares and monitors the processing of all absentee ballots. Other duties of the Election Commissioner include: acting as Receiving Clerk for nomination papers and public measures to be placed on the ballot and acting as Clerk of the County Board of Election Canvassers and Special Precinct Board.

County Registrar of Voters           

The Auditor is responsible for maintaining the current records of residents desiring to vote and purging the records of those no longer eligible to vote. The Auditor is then able to prepare the necessary lists of qualified voters for each election.

  • To obtain a voter registration form or change your registration information: Click here.
  • To request an absentee ballot: Click here.
  • To track your absentee ballot: Click here.

Custodian of the Election Returns and Records           

As Custodian of the Election Returns and Records, the Commissioner certifies the results to the state or subdivision involved and issues certificates of election to the proper persons.