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Pocahontas County Immunization & Vaccination Information

The Pocahontas County Health Department works with the Iowa Department of Public Health in providing vaccines for preventable disease.

The goal of the Immunization Program is to reduce and ultimately eliminate the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases by working in conjunction with public and private health care providers throughout the state.

Accomplishing this goal will require achieving and maintaining high vaccination coverage levels and improving vaccination strategies among under-vaccinated populations.

In the past there has been a resurgence of diseases in the college population.  Vaccine protection can wane as time goes on.  Thus, the need to give booster doses.

Pocahontas County Health Department has immunization clinics monthly and we are available at our office for immunizations on the mornings of WIC clinics.

We will be including communicable disease information, vaccine information and updates on our web site each month.

CDC's List of Routine Vaccinations: