Pocahontas Alumni Registry

Official link for alumni to take form: tinyurl.com/pocoalumni
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pocoalumni
Instagram: www.instagram.com/pocoalumni

The vision of the registry is to let past, present, and future alumni of Pocahontas County know what opportunities are available here. The Registry will be used to show career opportunities, new developments within the county including new businesses, renovated businesses, and community projects, and help publicize philanthropic possibilities. But before we can do that, we need the registry to contain alumni of the County. If alumni can fill out the form to submit their information, later this year we'll be able to share each of the previously mentioned pieces with them. They'll be able to set their preferred contact method and contact to them will be limited and of high quality. We want to be informative and assistive to our community and county alumni.

This project is made possible because of the Rural Return Grant, which is part of the governor's Empower Rural Iowa Initiative in partnership with the Iowa Economic Development Authority.