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Upon receipt of a general execution and the Defendant's Notice of Garnishment, a dictation to the sheriff directing who and where the service is to be served, the Sheriff will attempt to serve the garnishment.  In most cases advance fees are not required.  The Plaintiff must provide clear directions of who, what, and where to garnish.  After the expiration of the execution (120 days after the issuance date) the Sheriff will turn over the funds collected, less sheriff fees, to the Clerk of Court.  The Sheriff does not police the garnishee.  If funds are not surrendered to the Sheriff, you will be billed for our services.

Contact the civil division for an estimate of costs.

Garnishments are much more complex than described here.  We strongly suggest you contact your attorney for advice.  We are unable to advise you in how to complete the dictation to Sheriff or suggest other required services.